DJin Lite software released by the Tract Company enables users to obtain:



With the help of DJin Lite the User wiil be able to get the basic knowledge about the most up-to-time broadcasting automation systems, the main components of the automation process, and the features of DIGISPOT®II Broadcast System




While working with DJin Lite, the User can develop skills beneficial for work with more complex DIGISPOT®II software




DJin Lite software, while being freely available, contains a whole range of necessary functions for planning, preparation and broadcasting of the sound material, and can be used on the radio as automation software

DJin Lite is a program designed to automate the process of broadcasting. It features functions that allow for:

  • pre-broadcast preparation of the material
  • scheduling
  • planning up to 24 hours of fully automated broadcasting
  • broadcasting in a semiautomatic mode with an option of fader start operation, requiring no additional equipment
  • live broadcasting with the help of jingle machine

The program is based on DIGISPOT®II system core, and features part of its standard modules and functions. DJin Lite is a freeware distributed and used under License Agreement.